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Homeopathy and Your Child: A Parents Guide to Homeopathic Treatment from Infancy Through Adolescence
Hylands- Baby Tiny Cold Tablets
Hylands-Hyland's Baby Infant Earache Drops
Imex-Pocket-Dop 11-/Doppler
Imex-VersaLab APM
Imex-VersaLab APM-Twin Monitor
Indolplex with DIM-Integrative
Instruments-Schroeder Tenaculum Forceps
Instruments-Sims Uterine Biopsy Curette
Instruments-Sponge (Dressing) Forceps-curved
Instruments-Stitch Scissors
Instruments-Uterine Dilator Hank 27 - 28 Fr. 11 Inch Stainless Steel
Instruments-Uterine Tenaculum Hook 8 Inch Length
Iron Duck Ultra Breathsaver (red,blue, black or orange)
Iron Duck 20/20 Lighted Breathsaver