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The Lens-Fertile Focus

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Fertile Focus
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Personal Ovualtion Microscope
Reusable Unlimited Tests
Natural Safe SAliva Based Testing
Accurate and Easy to use
98% Accurate
100% safe
Most Affordable Ovulation microscope on the market
Recommended by Amos Grunebaum MD Leading Ob Gyn & Nationally recognized Fertility Expert
Pinpoint your ideal Time to Conceive!
Fertile-Focus is the affordable high-quality saliva-based fertility test (or personal ovulation microscope) that allows you to predict ovulation with 98% accuracy.
When a woman is about to ovulate, a distinct crystal "ferning" pattern becomes present in her saliva due to hormonal changes.
To predict ovulation, simply place a drop of saliva on the lens and read the pattern. With the sharp, focalizable 50X magnification lens, Fertile-Focus allows you to accurately and confidently pinpoint when you are most likely to conceive.
Trying to Conceive?
"Fertile-Focus is the first affordable, high-quality saliva ovulation microscope for the trying-to-conceive community." - Amos Grunebaum,
When it comes to trying-to-conceive a baby, accurately predicting ovulation - your most fertile time of month - is the key to success.
With the Fertile-Focus ovulation microscope, determining your most fertile time of month is just a focus away. No more expensive, messy urine ovulation tests and no more guesswork - even for women with irregular cycles. Fertile Focus is a 100% safe, natural, and accurate aid to conception - and it the most affordable saliva fertility monitor available.
All-natural, hygienic, and effortless to use, Fertile-Focus is also backed by clinical research. For women who are trying to conceive, ovulation microscopes are 98% accurate in pinpointing ovulation. Ideal for women with both regular or irregular menstrual cycles, Fertile-Focus offers you a natural and affordable way to increase your chances of conception
Fertile-Focus is a re-usable ovulation predictor test, meaning you receive unlimited tests in one high-quality, low-cost personal ovulation microscope. With the Fertile-Focus personal ovulation microscope, you also receive:
• Quality: A sturdy metal body & quality lens means reliability and long life!
• Clarity: A powerful 50X magnification lens for 98% accuracy* and ease-of-use.
• Discretion: Fertile-Focus looks like an attractive lipstick case!
• Convenience: Test anytime and anywhere. Results in just five minutes.
• Affordability: Other brands of saliva fertility tests offer lesser quality at twice the cost
Getting the hang of Fertile-Focus takes no time at all. With a powerful 50X lens and gentle LED light, just turn the focalizable eyepiece to view your test result. For best results, test in the morning before eating or drinking or brushing your teeth, and then record results on a calendar or fertility chart. Soon, you will recognize the unique saliva patterns that indicate infertile, fertile, and transitional periods. Fertile-Focus is quality, accuracy, and ease - at an affordable price
Fertile-Focus is a personal ovulation microscope that allows you to predict ovulation – your most fertile time of the month to conceive - with 98% accuracy.
When a woman is about to ovulate, her saliva begins to form a distinct crystal, fern-like pattern due to an increase in hormone levels – as seen through Fertile-Focus. This “ferning” pattern begins to appear around 3 days prior to ovulation, allowing you to predict peak fertility.
Using Fertile-Focus
With Fertile-Focus, PULL the lens from the tube and just add a drop of saliva. Let the sample dry. In five minutes, view the sample through the microscope. Press the LED light button and focus by turning the eyepiece of the microscope. If you are ovulating - or about to ovulate - a ferning, crystal-like pattern can be viewed.

NOTE: Test first thing in the morning. Do not test after eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing teeth