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Pool Accessories-Marvel Pump

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Pump Marvel. 
A water pump that uses water pressure from a garden hose rather than electricity to pump water. It is not designed to compete with the speed of commercial-grade submersible pumps that you use in the field, it is to be used by consumers in situations like power outages where you can’t use electricity (Pump Marvel recently saved a person’s basement from flooding when the power was out and the sump pump wasn’t running), or in areas where your customer may prefer not to use electricity, such as draining hot tubs, and taking the water off of winter pool covers (have you ever seen a person with broom handles with extension cords taped to them, wrapped in plastic, extended over their pool trying to get the water out of the middle of a winter cover?)
  Pump Marvel outperforms submersible pumps in a several ways; it drains down to 1/8” leaving virtually no water behind whereas submersible pumps leave 2”-3” behind that has to be manually removed.  Pump Marvel will not burn out if run dry, and when positioned flat in the middle of a winter cover (easily accomplished with the standard pool pole attachment) it won’t allow debris to be sucked up to block the main intake.  .

  Pump Marvel is not a siphon, it is a true pump.
·         It doesn’t lose its prime.
·         It can lift water up to 20’ high. 
·         When draining a spa or hot tub, Pump Marvel drains 13 times faster than siphoning or draining with a garden hose. 
      Pump Marvel isn’t just for hot tub owners and isn’t just for draining water.  Our staff have been busy preparing more videos showcasing Pump Marvel.  Please watch the following time lapsed videos that take only seconds to view.
Pump Marvel is unconditionally guaranteed – YES we stand behind our product 100%