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1 oz Tincture only

Last Frontier Midwifery Uterine Toner

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Ingredients: Herbal is 1 oz bottle of the combo of blue cohosh and cotton root bark and then a bottle Evening Primrose Oil-1300 mg 117 mg GLA (9%)
I developed this formula combinations in 1982 for clients of mine who had prevvious long drawn out labors or labor dysfunctions.
These women were ready to do anything to improve their upcoming labors and births. I did not tell them that this combo could make their labors shorter, but that it could improve the quality of their contractions. I wanted to see what they thought.The results were obvious and the word got around quickly to other clients of mine, who now wanted the magic formula. Many of my former clients buy this combo for friends and families, and I have been selling this to many other women who want to purchase it for over 20 years now.
So for the last 24 + years all my clients take take this formula combination.
What I and the women found was it effaced their cervix to 80-100% BEFORE they went into labor. And by the time they knew they were in labor they were already 7-10 cm dilated. In other words this formula works before you even begin true labor !
The average labor for 1st time labors to women who were having their 12 or 13th babies. is less than 6 hours often less than 4 hours. (Of course some women have those early contractions that make some women think their in labor- but are not). Some women have a longer labor than what they hoped for, however, most everyone feels it helped improve their labors.
Most of the labors I attend are less than 4 hours from start to finish.
Other ways this combo works, is it can prevent postpartum hemmorhages. Because the combo works on increasing the ability of the uterus to effeciently contract, the uterus will continue contact well after baby and placenta are out. Thus preventing heavy or full blown hemorrahges. Also, many women who have reported very painful afterbirth contractions tell me that they are much less painful or not at all.
When you purchase this combo formula you will recieve instructions that you need to follow to get the result you hoped for.
Thanks for trying my combination formula. Please write back and let me know how your labor went and if you think it helped

Hi Ollie,
Just wanted to write and thank you for this wonderful product. I had my first experience with it – mom birthed on Wednesday of this week after a very nice 4 hour labor!! She actually only called me to come 2 ½ hours before the baby was born and even then she sounded great on the phone and was only calling because it was dark and she lives an hour from me. When I arrived, she was in the pool (love those custom fit liners for the La Bassine), doing great. It was a nice birth, we have had very minimal bleeding and she has had no afterpains, even with a nice firm fundus. This is her third baby, her second VBAC. Her first VBAC was a l-o-n-g drawn out birth center attempt that ended up in a transfer to the hospital with Pit and Epidural. She is thrilled with this home birth experience and credits the toner with much of the ease. Even her husband was remarking on how different this was from the other labors. I will be HIGHLY recommending this to all of my moms. Thanks!!
Debbie Baisley
Magnolia Birth Services

The instructions for the UT/EPO
Please follow the instructions carefully
Last Frontier Midwifery Uterine
Toner Please start taking the formula at 36 weeks gestation.
You may place mixture under your tongue or or in a small amount of water and hold under your tongue for several seconds.
Take 10 drops, 4 times daily. You can take with food or without
Do not take after 6 pm, because it can increase some braxton hicks
Take as directed until you go into labor.
Do not take more as it will not put you into labor

Evening Primrose Oil capsules
Please take 2 per day orally until you go into labor
It does not matter when you take these
NOTE FROM OLLIE: I have been using this in my limited practice for 3 months and have seen results but none used it the whole time, so keep track and give us some feedback.
Am in Italy with a VBAC client (8/08) who took the formula for the last month, labor went smooth with dilation from 4-10 in one hour! I saw her calm and in control and I think the formula made the difference.

Amy Cote
Just wanted to let you know that I took the Last Frontier Uterine Toner starting at about 36 weeks gestation—I had just found out about it and wanted to do all possible to have a great birth experience. I was pregnant with twins and it was my first pregnancy. When I went into natural labor at 39 weeks, it felt only like strong braxton hicks, with NO PAIN whatsoever. Just braxton hicks that wouldn’t let up. Long, DRAMATIC, story short…my water broke when I went to the restroom at 1:27am, and when we arrived at the hospital, I was 6cm dilated and 70-80% effaced! All still with NO PAIN.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how long from labor to delivery because even though we planned a home birth with midwives, etc, I had a c-section (totally unnecessary in my opinion, but my husband was too worried…)
At 34 weeks after a checkup at the hospital and the nurse putting heartbeat monitors on my belly, the twins FLIPPED BREACH AT 34 WEEKS!! Yes, I was devastated, though I was still determined to have a natural home birth. But my husband was not longer on board as all his family and friends and everything he read freaked him out and he wouldn’t hear of it. And no doctors here in Oregon will deliver double breech twins…
BUT the uterine toner was amazing. Thank you so much!