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1 liner

La Bassine-MAXI Eco Water Birth Pools-liners

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MAXI Birth Pool Liner by La Bassine

Adding a disposable liner to your pools strenthens your pool and makes clean up quick and easy.
Made of 0.22mm eco-friendly vinyl - no phthalates, lead or cadmium Individually packaged
Only fits La Bassine MAXI Pool and La Bassine MAXI Professional Grade Pool.
Our custom made liners fit generously over the top of the pool and down the outside.
There are pockets for your hands, built into each liner, which fit through each of the four inside handles and top two handles.
When fitting the liner, first ensure that the pockets line up with the handles. Feed the pockets through the handles by pulling them so the opening is in line with the handles.
Simply insert your hands into the pockets to hold the handles.
A must when reusing pools.