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Fitted Oasis Round Pool Liner-Fits Aquarium Pool

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  • NEW! Fitted to the round pool! No more slipping off or into the pool!

  • Softer! Stronger! Easier to use!

  • Better than standard generic pool liners

  • The Oasis Generic Pool Liner Fits:
  • Aquarium Pools, Passage Pools

  • Select our Oasis Round Pool Liner for Aquarium Pool.

  • This liner is a huge improvement over the standard poly generic pool liner on the market. The vinyl material in our Oasis Generic Pool liner features: Softer material Stronger material and seams Easier to use Water-tight seams

  • The soft 18mm phthalate-free vinyl is less slippery and easier to use because it is not stiff like the poly generic pool liners. This makes it less likely to slide around inside the pool, giving the new Oasis Generic Pool Liners a softer and more comfortable feel for birthing moms.

  • Poly generic pool liners are prone to leaks. Because vinyl is a superior material which forms watertight seams, it is stronger and will not leak!

  • Note: This liner is not a form fitted product and will fit loosely on the pool.

  • Size: Individual or Case of 6 Liners

  • 0.20mm phthalate-free vinyl