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Earth Mama- Booby Tubes™

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Unique Microwaveable/Freezable Pack Especially for Nursing Mamas

The creation of these little beauties was conceived by real live nursing women who wanted a cold pack to help prevent breast engorgement and a hot/moist pack to help ease the symptoms of mastitis. Their unique design allows them to comfortably fit inside your bra and to deliver either hot or cold compresses to your breasts. Booby Tubes™ are a simple, unique way to help prevent engorgement so you can nourish your angel baby...naturally. Other ways to help avoid breast engorgement: 1. Express or pump your breasts if you miss a feeding or if your baby doesn’t nurse long enough to soften both breasts. 2. Avoid supplementing your breast milk with water or formula. 3. Breastfeed your Angel Baby frequently and for an unrestricted amount of time. 4. Massage your milk ducts in a circular motion around each breast before nursing. 5. Spend some time on your back. This will place your breasts higher than your heart and encourage drainage of swollen breasts. (Engorgement can sometimes be confused with mastitis. If symptoms of mastitis are present such as malaise, fever, hardness or redness, continue nursing and consult your health care provider immediately.)