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Books-A Child Is Born-by Lennart Nilsson (Author)

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I was given this book (in Swedish) by my parents-in-law and I just had to get an English language version for my friend when she was expecting. Lennart Nilsson is a very well-known medical photographer, using extremely high-tech equipment and methods. The photography is just phenomenal! A few things you may want to know: This was produced in the 80s and released in 1990, so be ready for some very out-of-date looking people in a lot of the pictures. Also, toward the end of the book are photos of several different sorts of births, with close-ups that wouldve been blurred out on television. I chose not to censor this from my children, but you may want to keep this in mind if you will be showing this book to your children and you dont want them to see that yet.