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1/4 oz


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Combinations such as this one have traditionally been used to help prevent irritated or infected umbilical cords and to promote quick healing of the cord.
It has also traditionally been used as a disinfectant for all parts of the body e.g. the powder is put in a little sewn flannel packet and placed in the mouth for infection in that area.
For care of the umbilical area sprinkle the powder around the umbilical cord daily or when redness appears. Since the herbs tend to stain clothing you may want to cover the area after application. Expose the cord to air during the warmest part of the day to encourage drying. Do not use alcohol around the cord as it tends to prevent drying. If you feel that you must clean out the cord area use hydrogen peroxide or water.
Note: Each packet has been sealed so you must cut the top in order to use the zip-lock opening.

Contents: golden seal root myrrh gum and Oregon grape root