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8 oz


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Ingredient: Organic red raspberry leaf.
Use: Red raspberry leaves contain many nutrients including iron, calcium and vitamin C. The tea acts as a cleanser and disinfectant to mucous membranes throughout the body. Because of this action it has traditionally been used for colds and flu, to clean the bowels and to strengthen the female organs. Raspberry leaf tea, which has been strained through a cloth and is at room temperature, can be used as an eye wash for newborn babies.
Raspberry leaves are considered THE pregnancy herb, and the tea can be drunk throughout pregnancy. Some women report that it helps with morning sickness. Sister Angela Murdough reported that when the mothers who came to her Texas clinic started drinking red raspberry leaf tea consistently during their pregnancies, the women had easier deliveries and far fewer hemorrhages. Pregnant women may want to switch to our Womens/Pregnancy Tea during the second half of pregnancy. This formula contains red raspberry leaves along with other nutritive and labor supportive herbs.
Recommended Dose: One medium rounded teaspoon of herb to one cup of water. 3 – 4 cups a day.
Number of Doses in this package: Approximately 176 medium rounded teaspoons. This package will last approximately 2 months at 3 cups a day and 1 ½ months at 4 cups a day.
Instructions: Method 1 -- Boil water in stainless steel or glass pan. Remove pan from burner. Add herb to water and stir. Place a lid over the pan and let steep for 15 minutes. Pour through strainer or paper towel into container. Sweeten with honey, agave, molasses or stevia. Method 2 -- Boil water as described above. Pour boiling water into container. Place herb in stainless steel tea ball and place in container. Cover container and steep for 15 minutes. Remove tea ball. Use a natural sweetener.