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Sunstone- Lavender Herbal Bath/Peri Bottle Tea 8 oz

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The herbs in this tea assist in healing tissue. Used in the bath water!
Lavender Herbal Bath/Peri Bottle tea is conveniently simmered in the bag so there is no need to strain the herbs. You can either pour the tea into the bathwater or simply put the teabag itself into the bathwater for the laboring mother to soak in before or after the birth. It's also useful in peri bottles. The herbs assist with tissue healing.
Ingredients: 2 ounces of tea + 6 ounces of sea salt. Tea: comfrey leaf, lavender flower, rose flower, shepherd's purse aerial parts, uva ursi leaf, red raspberry leaf, lobelia aerial parts, alfalfa aerial parts, horsetail grass, mint leaf/flower