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Sunstone Detox Bath Set

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  • Sunstone's powerful Detox Bath consists of 16 oz of powdered Natural Ph-enhancing deep earth electrolytes, with the sodium and potassium in a carbonate and chloride configuration, and 16 fl oz of concentrated sea minerals from Utah's famous Great Salt Lake, which includes 88 minerals and trace minerals.

  • You get a total of from 1 to 2 baths out of the Detox Bath pack, depending upon the size of your tub (regular or over-sized) and your intended use (illness/serious detoxification or just maintenance). See below under Use for details.

  • Detox Bath is great for: •Detoxing from all manner of contaminants, including bacteria, virus, fungus, candida, nuclear fallout, heavy metals, etc. •Relieving pain •Enhancing your immune system •Metabolizing and reducing excess adipose tissue •Recovering from illness of all kinds.

  • Enjoy the therapeutic qualities of a natural hot mineral springs bath in your own tub!

  • Use: Mix both the liquid and powdered parts into your warm bath water. Maximum benefit is obtained with extended soaks of up to two hours. For a maintenance bath, use ½ of each part. It is recommended to cut the amount and time in half on your initial bath.

  • Recommendations:

  • 1.During the hot soak, body fluids up to half a gallon per hour can be lost through perspiration. Nausea and headache may occur due to the loss of fluids and electrolytes or deep cleansing. Drink fluids and replace electrolytes orally during the soak. 2.If you are using the baths for 6 - 7 days or more in a row, take magnesium daily. 3.A hot bath may elevate the pulse. Those with preexisting heart problems should exercise caution. 4.Beginning with a less than full tub allows additional hot water to be added to maintain temperature. 5.You may want to take shorter soaks of 20 to 30 minutes, get out and cool down, and then get back in the tub. 6.Frequently scrubbing the skin with a bath brush or wash cloth opens the pores and enhances the cleansing process. 7.Because toxins are discharged into the tub water, it is not recommended to share a bath. 8.Adding hydrogen peroxide to the bath is excellent for those who have rashes, degenerative diseases, or need additional oxygen therapy. 9.Essential oils such as lavender may be added directly to the bath water. 10.Consult with your health care professional before use.

  • Contents: •Part 1 - Powder: Natural Ph enhancement deep earth electrolytes, sodium and potassium in carbonate and chloride configuration. 10 oz •Part 2 - Liquid: Concentrated sea minerals, 88 minerals and trace minerals, with colloidal silver, zinc and copper. 16 fl oz