Undercarriage Repair-Sitz Bath Spray or Bath

About Undercarriage Repair. This recipe has been made for well over 20 years and once I realized what was in the product our hospital provides for the mothers bottoms after birth, I knew I had to do something! I knew how to make the recipe and I knew it was a royal pain in the rear to boil up a big pot of herbs after giving birth and an even bigger pain to have to clean it up!! So, what makes this so convenient is that in a 12 oz bottle of Undercarriage Repair, you have 12 bathroom uses to use it. One ounce in the peri bottle and fill with warm water, then squirt over the bottom. You can also put 4 oz in the sitz bath or the whole bottle in the tub. Whatever the mom wants....when it’s gone, just recycle the bottle and voila! :)


As a labor and delivery nurse, I know firsthand what happens to a woman's bits during a vaginal delivery. I have been making this herbal, soothing soak for over 20 years for family and friends. I decided to share it in hopes of helping all the new mommas out there! All the ingredients are organic and lovingly concentrated so that your bottle of Undercarriage Repair will last for several days when used in a peri-bottle.
Undercarriage Repair can be used three ways.
1. Pour one ounce in your peri bottle and fill with warm water. Squirt over entire bottom every time you toilet.
2. Pour four ounces into a sitz bath bag and use in the sitz bath
3. Pour the entire bottle into the tub for a traditional tub bath. You can bring baby into the bath to soothe and bond with your little.
Ingredients: Sea salt, organic garlic, organic uva ursi, organic shepherd's purse, organic comfrey and organic calendula. I also put a dose of empathy and love to help you through your post partum time. :)

It comes with a peri bottle and a 12 oz bottle of the liquid herbs

Hi all! I’m not a new momma. Actually, I’m an almost 50-year-old woman who has lupus and Sjögren’s syndrome - both autoimmune diseases that can impact just about any organ in the body. Sjögren’s is especially destructive to any mucus membranes, both inside (lubrication of joints), and outside (dry eyes, mouth, skin), as it causes severe dryness. After reading about Undercarriage Repair, I thought it might not be a bad idea to try it for my own, extremely dry and inflamed, lady parts. I’ve definitely noticed a change for the better! Before UR, I had frequent symptoms of yeast infections and UTIs (tests often showed I had neither), as well as difficulty/pain with intercourse. After using UR 3-5x, the constant irritation declined! I’m very hopeful that with further use, the symptoms will continue to abate. I highly recommend it!

This stuff is AMAZING. Gotta pamper yourself, ladies! Every new mom needs a bottle of this. You only use a small amount at a time, so the bottle lasts for a long time! A great gift for yourself, or your new momma friends out there. Get yours today, you won't regret it!