• Allergies: LATEX-Product does contain LATEX!

  • Since the product is new, it currently has an expiration of six months. Because of this shorter shelf life, we suggest you consider ordering only what you can use in a six month period.

  • We are excited to announce that we now offer an umbilical cord ligature device called Umbi-Ring. Umbi-Ring is an effective way for Midwives and Practitioners to constrict an umbilical cord without having to remove the device later.Like the AGA Ring, but better, manufacturer is right here in the US

  • Umbi-Ring maintains continuous compressing action around the umbilical cord, until umbilical stump falls off. Umbi-Ring is sterile, inexpensive, easy to use, and provides more comfort for the baby. Umbi-Ring is also made in the USA.

  • Umbi-Ring consists of a latex band around two plastic pieces, forming a ring. Once the plastic pieces are separated, the band shrinks down and compresses the umbilical cord to stop blood flow. This device is similar to a product, no longer available, called the AGA cord ring. Unlike the AGA cord ring, the Umbi-Ring constricts slowly which allows it to be moved into place, momentarily and prevents possible cord laceration.