Mountain Meadow Herbs-Gentle Birth Formula

What is it?
The Gentle Birth Formula is an unique blend of the herbs that have been successfully used to benefit labor and delivery. It is brought to you in an easy to digest, liquid form and is intended to be taken for the 5 weeks prior to anticipated date of delivery.
In many cases it has been proven to assist in the following ways:
*Much easier labor and delivery.
*Bigger dilation before discomfort arises.
*Minimization of postpartum bleeding.
*Shorter lochia flow.
*Longer and easier labors for those who have had precipitated births.
*Happier, well contented babies.
*The formula is especially helpful in preventing hemorrhage for those with borderline anemia or the RH negative factor.

What is in the Formula?
The formula contains the following organically grown or wild crafted herbs. Each herb is individually extracted in our state licensed facility using a low heat, maceration process. The extracts of the following herbs are combined creating the Gentle Birth Formula.
Bayberry: Its astringent properites suppress bleeding it also aids in the separation of the placenta.
Blue Cohosh: Brings on effective labor contractions.
blessed Thistle: An excellent female tonic, it increase mothers milk and stimulates the liver and reproductive organs.
False Unicorn: This herb is very balancing to the reproductive system, also assists in the discharge of the placenta and membrane fragments.
Lobelia: Anti-spoasmodic and very calming.
Motherwort: Traditional pregnancy herb, good for the liver.
Red Raspberry Leaf: Tones the uterus in preparation for giving birth, and is used to reduce the pain of childbirth.
Squawvine: It is bitter compounds relieve pain and anxiety. relieves postpartum depression.
Wild Ginger: Enhances other herbs in their action on the system, relieves nausea.
Wild Yam: Relaxing and soothing, it is among the best herbs for discomfort in late pregnancy and for pain in childbirth.
5 Week Supply (4 oz)-$29.50

Dosage Recommendations:
Begin taking 5 weeks before your anticipated date of delivery.
Week 1: Take 1/4 teaspoon before morning and evening meals.
Weeks 2: Take 1/4 teaspoon 3 times daily before meals. Maintain this dosage until delivery.
*2 droppersfull equal 1/4 tsp.