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Custom birth kits

Birth kits at BirthWithLove

Midwifery Services- Olivia Marshburn-Regular Kit BirthKit
  • Birth Kit Supply List

  • 20-23x36 Underpads
    1-Mattress Bag
    1-Kleenprint Foot-Printer
    1- Bag of Natracare Night Time OB Pads
    1-Peri-Cold Pad
    2-Mesh Panties
    2-Cotton Newborn Hats
    1-Disposable Tape Measure
    5-Gauze Pads/sterile/100% cotton/4x4/12 ply-2 per
    4-Alcohol Prep Pads Large
    2-Hibiclens Scrub Brushes
    1-2 oz Bulb Syringe
    4-Lube Jel-5 Gram Packets
    1-4 oz Bottle of Hibiclens
    1-Cord Ring
    1-Sterile Cord Clamp
    1-Digital Thermometer w/Beeper
    You can delete any items not needed by listing the items on the last page in the comment box after your payment information is made. We will reprice the kit before putting your payment through. Thank you!
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    Vitamin K 1 (Vit K 1 )Oral Vit K - Details 1-(1 oz bottle) $29.50 Add this item to your birth kit
    Vitamin K 1 (Vit K 1) inj plus 1 cc syringe plus a filter needle - Details 1 $20.00 Add this item to your birth kit
    Aquarium Pool-60" plus Fitted Liner - Details 1 pool w liner - BirthKit Supplies $54.00 Add this item to your birth kit
    Lansinoh - Details 0.25 oz tube $3.50 Add this supply to your birth kit
    Born At Home-Onsie - Details 1-6mo. short sleeve $8.50 Add this onesie to your birth kit
    Born At Home-T-Shirt - Details 1-6mo. size-short sleeve $7.50 Add this t-shirt to your birth kit