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Custom birth kits

Birth kits at BirthWithLove

Miller, Chris- North Ogden, UT BirthKit
  • Birth Kit Supply List
  • Please Bag Kits-Bulk Order
    6-30x36 Underpads
    12-24x36 Underpads
    3-Plastic Backed Sheets
    1-OB Pads 11-Pack of 12
    3-Size 7 Tri-Flex STERILE PAIRS
    12-Gauze Pads/sterile/100% cotton/4x4/12 ply-2 per
    1-Mesh Panty
    1-3 oz Bulb Syringe
    $40.00 Add birth kit to shopping cart


    Aquarium Pool-60" plus Fitted Liner - Details 1 pool w liner - BirthKit Supplies $54.00 Add this item to your birth kit
    Lansinoh - Details 0.25 oz tube $3.50 Add this supply to your birth kit
    Born At Home-Onsie - Details 1-6mo. short sleeve $8.50 Add this onesie to your birth kit
    Born At Home-T-Shirt - Details 1-6mo. size-short sleeve $7.50 Add this t-shirt to your birth kit